Hospital Management Software

Enhanced hospital efficiency and patient wellness.

We don’t like to brag, but we’re in our fifth decade of pioneering, implementing and supporting hospital information systems used across North America in organizations as diverse as Johns Hopkins Hospital, the UCLA Medical Center and the University Health Network Toronto. 

But it’s important to us that all organizations, big and small, benefit from healthware that enables productivity and improves quality of care. That’s why BDM’s patient-centered, safe and efficient MöV applications are now available to healthcare providers of all sizes. 

You might say our passion is leveraging new and innovative technologies to help you develop mission critical solutions that drive optimal patient care workflows. With MöV’s new workflows, healthcare providers of any size can now access functionalities and efficiencies formerly accessible solely to large organizations.

Increased Efficiencies

  • Customize your solution with options for inpatient, clinic and ambulatory ordering
  • Access job controls to assist with daily departmental workflows concerning medication and solution dispensing 
  • Take advantage of extensive pharmacy manufacturing control
  • Enhance your accountability and financial tracking with a robust inventory management platform

Workflows are also enhanced through the use of

  • Outcome monitoring management 
  • Drug utilization review reporting 
  • Drug use evaluation reporting 
  • Patient profile review and reporting 
  • Management drug therapy protocol 
  • Management general reporting 
  • Financial reporting 
  • Statistical and workload reporting 
  • Graphical presentation of data


The Saskatoon Health Region signed its first agreement with BDM in 1995, and a number of BDM’s products, services and solutions, including the establishment of a single medication management database for the province, have been continuously in use in Saskatchewan ever since. In 2015, BDM and eHealth Saskatchewan (eHS) entered into an innovation partnership that was recently extended to both cancer clinics in the province. BDM’s healthware is now used by all hospitals in Saskatchewan including over 50 acute-care facilities, long-term care homes and a pediatric hospital. BDM and eHS are proud of their dynamic partnership based on a common goal of ensuring the best care possible for the more than one million people who call Saskatchewan home.

From acquisition to administration we rely on the BDM Pharmacy system

The BDM Pharmacy system augments our pharmacy staff in providing safe and effective drug therapy to achieve optimum therapeutic outcomes for the patients we serve. From acquisition to administration we rely on the BDM Pharmacy system. BDM Pharmacy: you can count on it.

Norm Hamoline
Team Lead, Pharmacy Services
Saskatchewan Health Authority