Behavioral and Mental Health Software

Coordinated, integrated care.

We empower healthcare professionals to transform the lives of individuals living with mental illness and addictions by using MöV’s behavioral health solutions to seamlessly connect interdisciplinary teams to ensure safe, optimal and efficient medication use. MöV provides integrated functionality and a full spectrum of workflows, ensuring healthcare professionals are able to utilize best practices to optimize complex medication regimens in inpatient hospitalization, residential treatment services and chemical dependency services. 

Interdisciplinary Care

  • MCI triage and clinical monitoring
  • Full Leave of Absence workflow 
  • On the fly taper logic
  • Ability to hand off clinical documentation with tasks and real-time notification
  • Complex order set capability


BDM had previously worked with Homewood Health Centre to develop provider workflows, customizing them according to the specific requirements necessary for the delivery of highly specialized care. When Homewood wanted to go completely digital, they didn’t hesitate before turning to BDM. Once again, it proved to be a productive pairing.

Enhanced our clinical practice and provision of safer patient care

BDM and Homewood have been true partners during our ‘Go Digital’ transition. Their team took the time to understand our unique needs and the specifics of our organization. The collaboration created a truly user-friendly, results-ready system that has enhanced our clinical practice and provision of safer patient care.

Vicky French
Senior Manager, Enterprise Applications
Homewood Health Centre | Guelph, Ontario