Your expectations, exceeded.

Think of the implementation stage as providing a strong foundation that ensures the complete implementation experience, including ongoing post-implementation support, is successful. In other words, the process begins with a successful implementation, but doesn’t end there.  

Understanding your workflows is the key to a successful implementation.  Fundamental to this is understanding your current state and, through the use of gap analysis, figuring out how to take you to your desired future state. Your specific needs will be addressed by a BDM team composed of project managers, clinical workflow specialists, system application specialists, IT architecture and installation specialists and integration specialists. Other resources can be added to the team as required. We’ll also match the implementation plan to your future state with customized training agendas and testing plans.

Clients like you commend us for keeping our promises as well as for staying on-time and on-budget, and regularly endorse our products and services to peers. After successfully empowering healthcare professionals for over five decades, BDM is always striving to find new ways to provide you with the best experience possible so you can, in turn, provide outstanding patient care.

“Extremely satisfied. A BIG THANK YOU”

— Elsie | Saskatchewan Health Authority