MöV Patient Management Software

MöV the needle.

Leveraging five decades of pioneering work to help healthcare providers of all sizes harness the power of technology.

Johns Hopkins Hospital, UCLA Medical Center, University Health Network Toronto…we’ve tested and perfected our patient management software with world-renowned medical centers.

But we didn’t want to serve only the largest healthcare providers, which is why we’re launching MöV. It’s a new version of our award-winning software suite that is more accessible and affordable and that will work with all healthcare environments, large or small. It’s designed to be highly functional in smaller settings requiring nimble, customizable solutions to optimize efficiency.

All in all, we’ve taken your feedback and combined it with our more than five decades of experience providing healthware solutions to design a suite of applications that enables you to focus on what you do best — care for your patients.

Find out how to MöV the needle in your organization today.

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Increase Efficiencies

  • Make better, faster decisions based on real-time data using our rules engine and smart patient census to provide real-time patient lists adjusted to the needs of each clinician.
  • Easily follow government regulations and requirements with MöV’s inventory management system that includes Track and Trace functionality.
  • Save time with barcode scanning for patient records, medication administration and inventory control. 
  • Increase your efficiency by using Provider Order Entry (POE) for medication, general orders and lab orders.
    • Easily enter orders using smart logic for medications 
    • Favorites list
    • Order sets
    • Options for custom profile filters
scanning medication barcode

Facilitate Communication

  • Gain the freedom for your users to do what they want, when they want, where they want as multiple facilities can be handled within a single database.
  • Facilitate easy communication with advanced clinical documentation functionality.
  • Improve teamwork and efficiency by using a triage functionality that provides an overview of tasks to be completed for each individual user such as orders requiring sign off, medication due time and general order tasks.
  • Manage your communication in real time with a variety of system options.
  • Gain the full functionality of a complete Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) and scheduling system. 
  • Make better business decisions with predictive data culled from extensive reporting and analytic tools as well as from an extensive library of existing reports analyzing past decision-making processes.

Customize Your Solution

  • Gain the freedom to work online or offline: you decide the format of electronic MAR and/or customizable paper MAR.
  • Safeguard patient privacy with customized access to dietary workflows that grants access to non-clinical staff without affecting clinical care.
  • Save time with order entry by using labels and reports tailored to your specific needs.
  • Ensure accountability by maintaining a lifetime patient record with the option to archive after a defined amount of time.

Reduce Costs

  • Cloud-based solutions with managed services get you up and running quickly and include up-to-date security measures, saving you money on hardware costs.
  • Complete ADT and scheduling system is included.
  • Integration capabilities for automation and other clinical systems ensure ease of use. 

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