MöV Pharmacy Solutions

MöV forward with pharmacy management software.

MöV Pharmacy Solutions is web-based pharmacy software defined by its ability to provide all clinicians and ancillary staff with integrated data and workflows. More specifically, it’s a comprehensive, integrated workflow management system backed by BDM’s pioneering work harnessing the power of technology to help healthcare providers serve patients efficiently and cost-effectively. 

When designing MöV Pharmacy Solutions — the ninth major pharmacy version BDM has developed with leading healthcare institutions across North America over the past five decades — our aim was to create for a future state, allowing the product to grow in tandem with current technologies rather than develop after the fact. It’s also important to us to offer user-friendly user interface features and functions, applying current standards and processes to make the system both intuitive and familiar.

MöV Pharmacy Solutions provides the same level of comprehensive pharmacy and clinical tools combined with the ease of use and connectivity that users expect from an award-winning provider. In addition, MöV offers improved connected features to allow for clinical handoffs internally to pharmacy and externally to providers as well as nursing and other staff. ‘View-only’ and ‘hide-entirely’ options ensure the MöV applications safeguard patient privacy.

Innovative Benefits

  • Gain flexibility with a patient census feature that allows for the creation of patient lists using combinable options
    • Location 
    • Services
    • Providers by types or any type
    • A new rules engine that allows for real-time patient lists and task creations using data points similar to DUE filters  
  • Readily access oncology protocol management with proprietary oncology dosing content and tools including specialized pediatric chemotherapy functionality. 
  • Customize a schedule with the user-defined MAR format with 24 hour, 2-7 day options as well as an option for eMAR real-time administration tracking, observation and charting.
  • Ensure predictability with 31-day extended long-term care workflows. 
  • Minimize risk and maximize appropriate care with robust and proven administrative tools and documentation.
pharmacy advice
  • Easily access tools for quality reporting and outcomes 
    • High-cost pharmaceutical management 
    • Drug utilization review 
    • Statistical and workload reporting 
    • General and financial reporting 
  • Gain the flexibility of user-defined label management. 
  • Ensure compliance with narcotic and controlled-substance management standards.
  • Readily maintain management of outcomes. 
  • Efficiently access dose and volume calculation tools. 
  • Improve flexibility with the choice of three third-party drug databases 
  • Gain access to patient profile reviews.
  • Take advantage of graphical representation of data for lab and medication comparisons.

Optimized Pharmacy Workflow and Safety

  • Gain speed, adoption and usability with our clinical ‘cockpit.’
  • Ensure accountability with a full history of annotations and printability with scanning and order-connect features. 
  • Access clinical documentation in real time, including the capacity to hand off to other clinicians and report together.
    • Better manage drug inventory 
    • Analysis tools to maximize inventory turns 
    • Floor stock cost management 
    • Unit dose for ambulatory/outpatient style with visit and for traditional drug distribution management 
    • Track and Trace GS1 barcode support 
    • Inventory and purchasing management 
    • Automated purchasing and procurement 
  • Facilitate communication with a real-time medication reconciliation process inclusive of all clinical teams
    • Ensures accountability by providing notifications for all team members, clearly identifying orders requiring reconciliation and at what level
    • Increases efficiency using prescription and patient summary reports
  • Increase accountability with pharmaceutical encounter management and pharmaceutical orders review. 
  • Readily accessible testing and training environments.
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Inventory remains an integrated pillar of MöV Pharmacy, which is a key differentiator from our competitors and a major contributor to our status as a market leader in pharmacy management for several decades. Our inventory management system can save you time and money with comprehensive easy-to-use controls and reporting. Medication, supplies and devices can all be managed with these tools, ensuring you have what you need when you need it, all within your budget.


Core Functionality

  • Drug and supply procurement
  • Drug and supply receipt and storage
  • Drug and supply tracking and inventory management
  • Drug traceability and accountability (Track and Trace with the latest GS1 barcode support)
  • Wastage and expired inventory management
  • Manufacturing and compounding
  • Narcotics and controlled-substance tracking
  • Physical counts
  • Full auditing and tracking of inventory movement
  • Full reporting and analytics

Enhanced Features

  • Increase accountability with comprehensive inventory management and integrated purchasing functionality that supports inventory tracking through an unlimited number of physical sites and inventory locations.
  • Simplify your processes by tracking each individual dose from the point of receipt from the wholesaler/supplier to the actual dispensing/distribution location with the appropriate charges and accounting.
  • Increase your efficiency using updated tools for building your catalog and purchasing information, inclusive of powerful smart search, filtering and fast updates for ‘one’ to ‘all’ items in a selection at a single click. 
  • Facilitate communication with additional stock replenishment features that enable a full circle of e-communication from the requestor, approver, filler and receiver. Web-based functionality makes it easy for the requestor to gain access to these tools.
  • Easily integrate to other systems, assisting in your ordering and tracking of all inventory and improving your efficiency. 

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