MöV EHR Software Optimization

MöV ahead with safer, higher quality patient care.

MöV EHR Software Optimization provides comprehensive electronic health records software for safer, higher quality patient care.

MöV EHR Software Optimization offers you the ability to access an entire suite of healthcare workflows either from BDM or by using a menu approach to help build out your EHR experience.

MöV EHR Software Optimization includes access to the ninth major version of the pharmacy software BDM has developed with leading healthcare institutions across North America over the past 50 years. MöV EHR Software Optimization also supports the clinical processes of physicians with multiple focussed workflows. We work closely with our physician groups to adapt and create these workflows to be meaningful, timely and efficient while also allowing other team members to process orders. The application is designed to integrate multiple clinical workflows into a contiguous, logical and semantically normalized whole available wherever and whenever the patient record is required. This solution helps advance the patient and order management process by addressing potential errors before they occur while providing an intuitive, user-friendly experience. In short, MöV EHR Software Optimization provides the same level of comprehensive pharmacy and clinical tools you’re used to, with the added benefit that it’s intuitive and easy to use.

The MöV EHR Software Optimization application has a long history of successful integration technologies. Many existing workflows can be used to augment an existing EHR system, or as stand-alone systems that can incorporate other systems into workflows to enhance MöV EHR Software Optimization. MöV EHR Software Optimization contains hundreds of workflows, a selection of which includes:

Innovative Benefits

  • Facilitate communication with improved connected features that allow for clinical handoffs internally to pharmacy and externally to providers as well as nursing and other staff.
  • Work from anywhere with a web-based design that ensures connectivity from mobile devices and remote locations.
  • Aid communication for all who access the system with the ability to work in real time.
  • Ensure accountability with color coding and icon identification set for easy identification by priority and type.
  • Enhance compliance with added auditing features
    • Messaging (user to user)
    • Notifications
    • Order notes
    • Patient notes
    • Clinical documentation and handoffs
doctors communication

Order Management and Clinical Tools

  • Customize your tools with a patient census feature that allows for the creation of patient lists using combinable options
    • Location 
    • Services
    • Providers by types or by any type
    • A powerful rules engine that allows for real-time patient lists and task creations using data points similar to DUE filters  
  • Options are available to scan orders in for entry, providing accountability by allowing for a full history of annotations and printability.
  • Save time by streamlining order placement based on the user and their privileges
    • Medication: order at trade or generic level 
      • Smart logic included for correct dispensable medications so that providers are required only to choose the drug and dose they wish to order.
    • General and lab orders (all other non-medication orders)
      • Bi-direction outbound and inbound lab orders and results available
      • Tasks (shared and singular) can be generated from these orders and are sent to appropriate staff to follow up on and the ability to forward said tasks can be completed when the unexpected occurs with staff
      • Auditing and history is provided
  • Facilitate communication as order entry from medications, labs and all other general orders are easily entered using prebuilt order templates and order defaults, or completing this on the fly. A review list is provided to ensure all orders are accurate before saving.
  • Save time with quick retrieval of common orders, which is facilitated by options including a favorites list and most recent view.
  • Enhance efficiency as tasks required for completion are created for the appropriate clinicians, appearing on their task triage view.
  • Bolster security with need-to-know security options that can assist in decluttering the patient views and data as well as provide view-only options for those who may simply need to audit.
  • Increase efficiency with intuitive provider sign-off functionality that allows for clinical clerks and scribes to enter orders for your providers. This logic allows the data to be viewable but not actionable until the provider has reviewed and signed off.
  • Save time with protocols and directives that are available to allow nursing staff to do their job efficiently without the need to place outside orders.
  • Enhance communication as changes to orders by other providers can be monitored, if desired, by additional sign-off features for the primary and/or attending physicians, or the physicians of your choice.
  • Maintain efficient communication as clinical checks and reasons for overrides are processed and saved with the order so all users are up to speed.
  • Efficiency and accountability are increased with separate roles and access points for full dietary workflows, including tray service, as well as a separate e-report and paper report for the kitchen.
task triage schedule

Medication Reconciliation

  • Gain the flexibility of ADT MedRec options.
  • Ensure accountability with side-by-side real-time, auto comparisons to clarify what was taken at home versus what was taken in house, highlighting any differences in dose, schedule or strength. Any differences are colored red for quick recognition.
  • Customize stored BPMH history at visit or registration levels.
  • Facilitate communication with clinician interoperability that allows for all teams to do their portion of the workflow, and for all others to understand the current, real-time status of each task.
medication reconciliation


The first implementation of our bedside medication charting administration system occurred in 2007, and we’ve been improving functionality ever since. MöV EHR Software Optimization offers a number of enhancements that help you improve your workflows.

  • Maintain accountability and provide an audit trail by tying initial order, tasks required and doses to be administered to the existing medication database and orders.
  • Improve efficiency with clear indications of where medication is stored and whether the order has been signed off or verified, and by whom.
  • Increase accountability with Track and Trace options for lot and expiry.
  • Facilitate communication with task assignment of vitals, observation and flow rate tracking at the point of administration or on an ad hoc basis.
  • Save time with a triage capability that allows real-time monitoring of the functions and actions required for each patient.


Inventory remains an integrated pillar of MöV Software Optimization, which is a key differentiator from our competitors and a major contributor to our status as a market leader in pharmacy management for several decades. Our inventory management system can save you time and money with comprehensive easy-to-use controls and reporting. Medication, supplies and devices can all be managed with these tools, ensuring you have what you need when you need it, all within your budget.


Core Functionality

  • Drug and supply procurement
  • Drug and supply receipt and storage
  • Drug and supply tracking and inventory management
  • Drug traceability and accountability (Track and Trace with the latest GS1 barcode support)
  • Wastage and expired inventory management
  • Manufacturing and compounding
  • Narcotics and controlled-substance tracking
  • Physical counts
  • Full auditing and tracking of inventory movement
  • Full reporting and analytics

Enhanced Features

  • Increase accountability with comprehensive inventory management and integrated purchasing functionality that supports inventory tracking through an unlimited number of physical sites and inventory locations.
  • Simplify your processes by tracking each individual dose from the point of receipt from the wholesaler/supplier to the actual dispensing/distribution location with the appropriate charges and accounting.
  • Increase your efficiency using updated tools for building your catalog and purchasing information, inclusive of powerful smart search, filtering and fast updates for ‘one’ to ‘all’ items in a selection at a single click. 
  • Facilitate communication with additional stock replenishment features that enable a full circle of e-communication from the requestor, approver, filler and receiver. Web-based functionality makes it easy for the requestor to gain access to these tools.
  • Easily integrate to other systems, assisting in your ordering and tracking of all inventory and improving your efficiency. 

Registration and ADT

Building on BDM’s legacy of several major releases of Registration, ADT and Central Patient Index solutions, MöV now offers a full solution option for Registration ADT.

Our many years of experience with large multi-facility and regional hospitals as well as smaller rural facilities has provided us with the ability to contain an unlimited number of patient records and offer access to one or many facilities.    

We offer the ability to stand alone within our system as well as integration options between other systems. Integration workflows provide the ability to monitor and process transactions seamlessly. 

  • Registration information is permanent and maintained within the system until your facility chooses to purge it. This allows for quick registration and admission for patients on a return visit as well as strong metrics for the full history of that patient’s visits. 
  • Intuitive workflow processes allow for validation checks that required information has been entered. Users can add additional demographic information such as alternate names, Alias, family contact info and much more.
  • Quick, easy and intuitive tools allow for bed management including ability to perform bed swaps, patient preadmits and shadow locations and relocating visits.
  • Real-time updates will provide clinicians with updated patient lists by locations, services and many other rules-based options. 
  • Processes that occur in error can be updated with reversal of admission or discharge functionality, bringing the patient back to the last current status.


MöV increases your efficiency and facilitates communication with its complete scheduling tool, which includes:

  • Appointments (including status updates and reminders)
  • Group sessions
  • Meetings
  • Device and room tracking
  • Multi-clinician view in a single page

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