BDM Pharmacy

The BDM Pharmacy legacy application reaches end-of-life April 1, 2025. All functionality available in BDM’s legacy Pharmacy application and much more is available in our MöV Pharmacy application. 

BDM Pharmacy is an advanced, validated and proven medication management software system that has been trusted by North America’s leading healthcare institutions for over 40 years. This highly configurable Pharmacy technology platform enables dramatic quality of care and productivity improvements by adapting to the specific health management needs of your facility. BDM Pharmacy is a flexible healthcare solution used in a wide-range of institutions including hospitals, correctional facilities, behavioural health, long-term care facilities, ambulatory and specialty pharmacy applications.

BDM Pharmacy software employs the most advanced technologies, presenting healthcare providers with the context specific information required to improve patient outcomes. Through an established interface library, BDM Pharmacy seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of EHRs, EMRs, ancillary health management systems and third-party patient knowledge databases. Stable, intuitive and dynamic, BDM Pharmacy can optimize the medication management processes at your healthcare facility.

Optimize Patient Outcomes

Medical software that provides the clinical information needed to make evidence-based health decisions.

Efficient Prescription Management

Closed-loop medication management software that is configurable to the precise needs of your patients & your healthcare facility.

Key Software Features

  • Intuitive documentation and reporting of pharmacy specific clinical interventions and outcomes 
  • Creation of health workflows and protocols that enable pharmacy best practices 
  • Site tailorable tools for specialty pharmacy workflows and protocol management 
  • User-defined medication administration record (MAR) formats and controlled drug label management 
  • Configurable drug dosage calculation tools based on patient specific variables (weight, BSA, GFR, etc) 
  • Narcotic and controlled substance management 
  • Single instance patient record access across multi-site hospital and pharmacy networks
  • Seamless Integration with third-party drug databases and other clinical decision support tools

Optimize Pharmacy Workflows & Patient Safety

  • Clinical “cockpit” of the pharmacy software is built for speed, adoption and usability
  • Robust and intuitive clinical interventions documentation functionality
  • Pharmaceutical encounter management
  • User friendly pharmacy order review screen

Manage Pharmacy Care & Patient Records

  • Administer pharmacy care & lifetime patient records across the continuum of care
  • Inpatient acute care
  • Multi-site community/IDN model
  • Long-term care/home care
  • Retail and outpatient operations

Patient Centered Focus at Point of Care

  • Access critical patient information throughout the health care enterprise
  • Integrated with Ancillary solutions for drug reviews and orders in same application
  • Compatible with the mobile enabled MöV Product suite
  • Key laboratory results review that includes a patient’s clinical and demographic data

Simple Pharmacy Software Maintenance

  • An efficient incremental revision model minimizes pharmacy software downtime and saves you time and resources for seamless system and regulatory upgrades
  • Software testing and training environments
  • Formulary definition and review
  • Pharmacist & Employee management

Focus on Security, Privacy and Support

  • Fully compliant with the most rigorous privacy and security regulations for electronic health records
  • Robust pharmacy audit trail management
  • 24/7/365 live software support via telephone, email, and customer portal
  • Support call tracked real time via customer portal with detailed resolution history
  • Established medical peer network that allows you to collaborate with leading health institutions from across North America

Flexible Software Integration with Existing Healthcare Technology

  • Established software interfaces with ADT, billing, e-mail, MAR, EHR, CDR, bar-code devices, clinical documentation
  • CPOE and laboratory solutions
  • Integration with automated pharmacy dispensing cabinets, automated drug dispensing systems and compounding machines
  • Interactive voice response interfaces
  • Real-time insurance adjudication of prescription claims using industry standards
  • Designed to easily accommodate multiple languages to support medication management needs around the world
  • French and English pharmacy software versions are currently deployed and used by healthcare facilities across North America

Pharmacy Reporting and Patient Outcome Tools

  • Statistical and pharmacist workload reporting
  • General and financial reporting for your health facility
  • Patient outcomes management
  • Patient profile review
  • Graphical representation of drug inventory and drug purchasing management
  • Automated medical supply purchasing and procurement capabilities linked to drug inventory
  • Analysis tools to maximize drug inventory turns
  • Pharmacy floor stock cost management
  • Unit dose and traditional drug distribution management