Announcing MöV

CEO of BDM Healthware, Marcel Huel, announces the global launch of a new range of clinical application products and workflows:

BDM is pleased to announce the official launch of our next generation set of products and solutions branded as MöV /mo͞ov/. MöV is a sub-brand to BDM and represents BDM’s latest suite of products. Active and positive, MöV is meant to convey the idea of forward motion and having the courage to move along the path of wellness.

BDM is all about connections, whether it’s the use of our software to connect caregivers with patients, or connecting directly with our clients to develop solutions that meet industry needs. Connecting Care is the foundation of what we do. At BDM we’re more than just software – we care. BDM staff cherish and take pride in the deep relationships we have with you, our customers. Our goal is to incessantly improve the wellbeing of you and your patients. We want you to be more efficient, less stressed and to have more time with patients leading to better outcomes.

MöV is BDM’s latest platform of Healthcare Software built using modern and state of art technologies and tools. With the announcement of the MöV Software Suite, BDM continues its tradition and 50 year history in addressing the needs of healthcare
organizations and their need for high quality, robust software systems with proven ROI and value.

The MöV platform includes a Responsive UI/UX (User Experience) and looks and feels both modern and comfortable supporting access on any device’s browser. The Responsive UX automatically detects and adjusts to all devices including mobile, such as tablets and phones.

MöV workflows have been streamlined and improved from legacy products and MöV automatically leverages the modern technology it was architected for and supports all the features and efficiencies you would expect with a modern application. The increased focus on productive workflows have been improved based on feedback, suggestions and partnerships from leading healthcare organizations across North America over 50 years.

From Marcel: “MöV expands workflows well beyond the scope of just pharmacy and medication management for organizations that want to improve safety, enhance care, and reduce cost with newly added EHR and Inventory workflows. In the coming days, BDM will be making subsequent announcements regarding our website and products and service offerings. In addition BDM will announce migration options for existing legacy users of BDM Pharmacy. We are very excited as we begin the next chapter of products and service offerings and believe MöV will significantly strengthen BDM’s clinical applications portfolio in North America. We look forward to working closely with you, our users, in providing solutions that meet the increasing challenges we face in the ever changing and evolving healthcare environment.”